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Professor Christer Busch

This simple pedal was developed at Uppsala University Hospital through a collaboration between Professor Christer Busch and vascular surgeon Professor David Bergqvist. It has been tested by office worker and passengers during long haul flights. STEPIT has also been tested by Karolinska’s University hospital, in Huddinge and Solna. Thus professor Kerstin Brismar, internationally renowned diabetes researcher  has shown that its usage counteracts swollen ankles and oxygenation of the skin of the lower leg.

StepIt™ has aroused interest all over the world. Studies have started in England, Finland and South Africa.  Studies vary from the effects on stroke patients to improvements in healing of ulcers, restless leg syndrome, diabetes problems and swollen legs.

Many illnesses are the result of poor circulation in the legs:


Swollen ankles and calves

Risk for blood clots

Ulcers that are har to heal

Restless Legs Syndrom

Arterial and venous insufficiency