Walk while you sit

Venous pump

When you walk the calf muscles help pump the blood back up towards the heart, but when you sit still for a longer period of time, some of the blood remains in the legs and feet, which causes swelling.


On top of that there is an increased risk for other problems such as blood clots, if the blood flow doesn’t work as it should.


A good way to reduce this risk is to let the calf muscles work now and again and even while you sit still on a plane in a bus or car, or even at home in front of the TV.

Increase the effect, with two STEPIT™

STEPIT™´s construction makes the foot bend and stretch just like when you are walking. This happens through the calf muscles activity which sends the blood back to the heart.


The pedal forces the heel up and down, exactly like when you walk. The light resistance stimulates the calf muscle pump even more.


Therefore it is called your secondary heart.


STEPIT™ has been tested by office personnel and passengers during long flights. It has also been tested by Uppsala University hospital as well as Karolinska University hospital, in Huddinge and Solna and has shown that it counteracts swollen ankles and improves oxygenation of the skin of the lower leg.



Open out the underpart and place the pedal on the base, where you are sitting, right under your knee. You should tread 30-40 times every half hour for best effect.


Material in the pedal: ABS-plastic, silicon footpad.

Measurements: Breadth 95 mm. Length 230 mm.  Height (collapsed) 40 mm.

Spring: Wave spring SUS301H steel

Weight: 212 gr.


Open out the underpart, turn it and place the pedal on the base.